About U5

Communication systems experts


  • Todd Daley, Co-Founder and CEO

Todd has extensive international experience in the mobile telecommunications industry and drove the introduction of many new and innovative products. He is familiar with Product Management, Sales & Marketing, Systems Design, and R&D Management. Todd holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from UNB, and has also worked at two electric generating stations with NB Power. He recently completed a series of courses on Machine Learning and has been deep into IoT and LoRaWAN.

  • Stephane Lin, Co-Founder and COO

Stef is a solid leader, experienced in the telecommunications industry. Most recently he was Head of R&D at Ericsson Montreal. Stef has plenty of experience in customer deployment projects in Operation Support Systems and Core Networks. He has also led the R&D organization through many changes during market growth and downsizing. Stephen has a degree in Industrial Architecture, and experience in heavy industry (Nuclear, Mining, Pulp and Paper, Oil & Gas) working with Browne & Root, Haliburton, SNC Lavalin and Canadian Atomic Energy.

  • Robin Joseph, Co-Founder and Vice-President of R&D

Robin is a technology leader in the mobile telecommunications industry. She drove new technology architecture, systems design and development in many areas of mobile telephony and data services. Robin has deep experience with messaging systems, IMS Core Networks, Business Communications and Data Search. Robin has extensive international experience and holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from UNB.

  • Our Story

We each worked over 25 years at Ericsson Communications. It's a great company where we rode the mobile telephony market growth from zero to market saturation. At the start, it was only car phones: analog radios. Then handhelds, roaming, network interop, and then digital modulation. Later it was data services (SMS Text!) and packet core networks (bye-bye circuit-switched). Then more data services like Picture Messaging (MMS) and mobile browsing (anyone remember WAP?). Later it was Cloud and software defined networks, Unified Communications and enterprise services. Of course LTE, and ultimately voice-over-LTE (the killer app!). Packet radio all the way to the handset. Every 10 years it seemed the telecom network was rebuilt. But everyone has a phone now, so growth slowed and consolidation happened. Now it's all about the things, getting "thing data" - and analytics to make sense of it. Soon we will move into edge computing and machine learning algortithms running on low-power sensors. The key is to deliver value.

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We are based in beautiful Montreal, Quebec and can be reached at the following mailing address & phone number:

620 Blvd. St-Jean, Suite 102
Montreal, QC H9R 3K2

tel: +1 514 534 0432