We connect things, collect data and create value.

Connect battery-powered wireless sensors to our cloud-hosted service. Visualize your important data to help make decisions.

Let us build a solution for your business needs.

Place sensors, get data in cloud.

  • Wireless connection over a long range (up to 15 km).
  • Battery powered for years in the field.
  • Managed data network and storage.
  • Standard or custom-built dashboards and applications.

Starter kit from $899

Application examples:

  • Cold chain (refrigeration monitoring)
  • Smart Building (water leak detection)
  • Greenhouses (soil condition, light levels)
  • Smart City (air quality, asset tracking)
  • Tank level monitoring (propane, oxygen, etc)


  • 1 LoRaWAN Gateway
  • Choice of 2 sensors (e.g. temperature, humidity or Indoor air quality)
  • Network subscription: 60 days free trial
  • Data visualization service: dashboard, notification service, data export

We can customize your trial configuration also.