Our standard offerings can be customized to your needs.

All our solutions are based on open standards and modern technologies.

Data Centre Solution

Data centre operators can monitor environmentals and share data with their customers. Measure and monitor:

  • Temperature, humidity, dust particulate, air quality, differential air pressure.
  • Single and Three-phase power measurements
  • Vibration Sensor and Analytics.


Refrigeration Monitoring

Our Refrigeration Monitoring solution can be used by restaurant owners, pharmacies, cold storage facilities, food delivery services, etc.


Agricultural Solution

A small scale solution to monitor soil condition, light levels, weather forecasts, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure. Next release: control system for irrigation, ventilation and any device connected with common interfaces Modbus or BACNet.

Building Management

We worked extensively with solutions to detect water leaks, monitor flow rates, and control water valves. Other capabilities we can deliver for building management are: door open/close, motion detectors, air quality, environmental system monitoring and control.


Under development - now measures temperature and humidity but audio monitoring and hive weight can be added.


Features common to all solutions

Measure & Control

  • Sensors measure and transmit information and battery level
  • Configure measurement and transmission periods
  • Set detection and reporting thresholds on sensor & in application
  • Send downlinks for command and control

Monitor & Visualize

  • Recent and historical data can be monitored anytime, using web browser
  • Site map showing sensor & gateway locations

Alert & Report

  • Alerts & reports by text and email
  • Alarms for major and critical deviations (per sensor & measurement)
  • History reports scheduled and on demand

Store & Integrate

  • Device data and reports storage (3 months retention, or longer)
  • Forward data to 3rd-party systems (optional integration service)